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The reasons pushing us forward

Excellent Based on 2,470+ reviews
  • First class hosting and customer support!

    I've been with WPX for about 1 year now and their customer service is literally the best I've experienced with hosting companies (I used 3 other large companies prior to WPX).

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  • Customer service is TOP NOTCH

    Customer service is TOP NOTCH! Was helped and problem was fixed in a matter of a mins! They changed my nameservers for me! will continue to use wpx!

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  • WPX rocks

    Best hosting and phenomenal support! I always had issues with other hostings before,... now I almost never have issues anymore,.. and when I do it gets resolved in minutes. Love it.

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  • Faultless

    Faultless. Customer service exceeds expectations once again. They are fast, courteous and knowledgeable. A lot of companies could take a leaf out of their book!

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  • Best hosting provider - speed and support

    I am extremly glad that i use wpx as my hosting provider. The 30 sec support is unbelievable. I have not had a single instance where the support has not been immediate...

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  • Excellent customer service

    Excellent customer service. On a Sunday morning at 7h30 AM I got in touch with the support person through their live chat and got literally immediately relative expert-level answers to my question.

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  • Reliable support

    I've only had to work with support a few times, and it's always a pleasure—they are reliable, clear, and helpful. I don't think I've ever left a chat with my issue not resolved or a clear next step. I really appreciate WPX's support.

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  • Outstanding customer service

    Outstanding customer service. Not matched (or even close) to any other hosing provider Ive ever worked with. Ive moved all my clients here

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  • Great company to work with

    Great company to work with. The customer support was outstanding. They will go extra mile to help you out and they respond to you whenever you need help.Amazing would recommend to everyone!

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  • Great support!!

    Must say: Great support!! you guys. I registered my first domain with the help of live chat support today and I am very impressed with their quick response and with their patients towards newbies. Keep up the good work!!

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  • The best hosting company out there

    The best hosting company out there. To login and get instant support on chat is a game changer. Always helpful, courteous and the hosting is bullet proof. Great company.

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  • WPX always has the very best customer…

    WPX always has the very best customer service. No matter what I am struggling with their team is always happy to help and is efficient when doing it. Great service, Thanks again.

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  • The absolute best hosting provider with…

    The absolute best hosting provider with world-class client service. There is no company in the world that has a better support team. 10/10

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  • WPX Hosting is reliable for high…

    WPX Hosting is reliable for high traffic websites! Their Customer service is awesome, they take their time for each client.

    Would highly recommend

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  • I have been a part of WPX for nearly 1…

    I have been a part of WPX for nearly 1 year and online customer service has been excellent. There hasn't been one occasion when they weren't able to diagnose and then bring a solution. Thank you WPX!

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  • There are tons of hosting companies out…

    There are tons of hosting companies out there and I have been with a few (usanethosing, godaddy, siteground) but the service and help I receive with WPX makes them by far the best out there!

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  • Excellent support 24/7..

    Excellent support 24/7... And I am always able to get all the solutions when i reach out to them. thank you for their service

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  • Easy to use, great customer service!

    They're always very quick to respond to support requests and have always been able to solve my issues quickly.

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Based on 60+ reviews
  • Good Managed WordPress Hosting

    The best thing about WPX hosting is its customer support and performance. When it comes to speed; they beat their competitors, they also have their own custom built CDN.

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  • Best customer service around

    I have several clients that I recommend use WPX. They have incredible customer service that is not only fast, but goes above and beyond.

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  • Amazing website performance and great customer support

    When I switched over to WPXHosting I was surprised to see that even the performance in the Wordpress dashboard had improved not to mention the overall site speed for my visitors.

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  • The best support I have ever met on the Web and fast servers

    I love the fact that you're never left alone with WPX. As soon as I've got a question or an issue, I click on the chat button, and they are here in less than 10 seconds (not a joke, that's real).

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  • Wish I'd Moved To WPX Hosting Before I Did

    Difficult to choose, so many good points. Being not very technical, so has to be the support team. They are so knowledgeable, helpful and as quick as the hosting.

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  • The BEST Hosting Service I've Ever Experienced!

    To be honest, my favorite thing about WPX is the outstanding support. I've never seen anything like it in over 10 years as an online business owner. I also love the speed of my websites.

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  • Their 30 seconds promise is really true!

    Great Support Team! Helpful, Professional, Fast, Accurate!

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  • Support and performance are the best out there.

    I love the response time and outstanding quality of the support team. They really know their stuff!

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  • The Best Hosting experience I have ever had – In 30 years!

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  • Where have you been all my life?

    I've been with 3 different hosting companies before discovering WPX and can say that this is the best online business investment that I ever made. No doubt about it. The customer service has no competitors.

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